A Celebration of Giving

by Alanna Linden  |  April 7, 2016  |   Categories: grants, ministry, Ministry Reports, NCF Raleigh, raleigh
Serving generous givers in Raleigh for 11 years is a FUN job. So incredible that it can be hard to pick your favorite moment. However, after our Celebration Lunch yesterday, I think we can say that April 6th will always be one of our favorite ... read full post
One of my favorites times at NCF Raleigh is when we pull our quarterly reports and see all the grants going out to impact those in need. In the first quarter of 2014, $3.75 ... read full post
Ever wondered what mark a mission trip leaves on a young person? For a teens and pre-teens, a mission trip touches all their senses allowing them to see, feel, touch, ... read full post
In February of 2011, With Love from Jesus received their first stock donation through their Single Charity Fund with CFT. Linda Williams, executive director shared this quote ... read full post
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